Linda R. Brown, LCSW

Old Town Spring, Texas  77373      281-740-8392

    About Linda R Brown, LCSW

I received a Master's Degree from Social Work from Florida State University in 1977 and became licensed in the State of Texas as Licensed Clinical Social Worker in 1988.  My membership in National Association of Social Workers informs the public about our strict ethical standards. I I constantly update my skills and knowledge to provide the best practices for my clients. 

I provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other methods to address thoughts and emotions that cause problems for us.  I'll also provide educational information specific to you.   When it seems helpful your well-being I might share something of my own experience.

I’ve had the unique opportunity to work with and learn from other Counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Educators and people in various Medical fields.  I’m able to understand and explain how each of these professionals may assist you resolve problems. 

My current work is the most challenging, most fun and most rewarding!  I love to see my clients have improved moods, broadened lives and more genuine relationships. I am always thrilled to work with new clients!

I grew up in S. Florida, attended college in N. Florida, then immediately moved to Texas.  I was young, single and seeking adventure.  Little did I know that the adventure would be marriage, remarriage, raising two children and developing a career.  Now at age 67, single with adult children, I’ve achieved contentment.  While still enjoying excitement and adventure I believe that contentment can be achieved at any age!