Linda R. Brown, LCSW

Worry Less, Feel Better, Improve Relationships

Smart People Get Help

Serving Adults and Couples in Old Town Spring

Due to COVID 19,  I am not accepting new clients.

If you are a previous client, feel free to give me a call.

Are you stuck in a bad situation?  Do you feel anxious or sad?

Maybe you aren't sure what's wrong.

 Anyone who has had to ask for help with electrical or plumbing problems after

 trying to "do it yourself" will  appreciate the value of a professional.  People who come to therapy   are usually successful in most aspects of their lives.  There are just some problems that are difficult to resolve without special skill and knowledge. 

 Although each of us is unique, we all have enough similarities to be understood by   someone  who truly knows how to listen.  I will actively listen to you, begin to understand   and appreciate you for who you are, and for how you want your life to become.

As we work toward your goals, you will begin to achieve the life you deserve.  

 While never forgetting your strengths, I can help you make the changes you want at a

 pace that is comfortable for you. 

 We'll work as a team to make decisions that are right for you!

 I bring my small dog, Opie, to work each day.  He's well-behaved and friendly.  He may   greet you, sit at your feet, on your lap or take a nap. 

 I look forward to hearing from you.

By the way, the words, therapy, psychotherapy and counseling have essentially the same meaning.  There are multiple professionals who provide counseling including:  Licensed Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists and Psychologists.

Revised: January 2020